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I don’t believe people are so delicate that seeing someone with the opposing view point (about a web comic) is enough to ruin someones day. I believe people on this site try to find arguments and fights in nonexistent situations for the sake of boredom and potential tumblr fame.

When it comes to tagging a post, what is the purpose of it? To make it assessable to others. To make it easy to find for future reference. To document and label the post.

The subject matter was “stridercest” I tagged it as #stridercest and any other related subject i could think of. The same way I tagged the post “i hate my body” with #self loathing and #body image. Or “I wish I could stay in bed all day and watch anime” as #lazy # cozy #bed

fandoms get no special treatment from me.

If a subject of a post is rape, I will tag it #rape. If it is stridercest I will tag #stridercest

It really blows my mind that this is the post that has everyone upset. Where was everyone when someone sent in ”I will kill myself this friday?” where was the fight in everyone eyes to help that person?

Will I untag it? no.

That would be censoring. And I thought this site was all anti-censor?