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I’m not sure what past this is referring to, either the supernatural one or the homestuck one. In either case, I’m not actually apart of the fandoms.

My stance on ‘tagging hate’ is one that may be unpopular, I believe that tags (referring to fandoms) should show both sides to the situation, just as real life and other tags do.

If I were to talk to someone and say “whats you opinion on Broccoli?”, they could say “i fucking hate broccoli, its disgusting, and ppl who like it are weird” , in the real world that would perfectly fine, but lets say someone says it on tumblr and tags it ‘#Broccoli’ and some fan of the green veggie sees it- shit would go down. “how dare you tag your hate! I come here to feel safe in my broccoli love!” But that’s not how the world works. Not everyone is going to agree with you, and just because you ignore the opposing view does not mean that it does not exist.

The first time I encountered hate for a fandom It literally changed my perspective. I was 12 and a fan of the anime Inuyasha. Everyone one I talked to online and IRL liked it, I never heard one thing bad about it, and it seemed natural that I would get obsessed with it, but then one day online I read someones post saying “inuyasha is a bad show, and I hate it”.

It literally changed my way of thinking. And helped me see the show in a new light. I did not hate the person because their view was opposing mine, I was appreciative of it. It helped me see the flaws in what I loved, but did not stop me from still loving it.

With out disagreement the world would be stale. You should not close yourself off from what others have to say.

Now this is all just my personal opinion of ‘tagging hate’ when it comes to fandoms. You may disagree with it, and that’s fine, I understand your perspective as well, and you have a right to express yourself on the matter, just as I do.

Thank you for sending in your opinion and concerns on the matter, I hope next time we can have a conversation with less insulting and swearing.